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Bill Ervin

Brand Identity – When Should You Refresh

Still sporting that Members Only jacket? Is your house still ensconced in Harvest Gold and Avocado Green? Sometimes, we become attached to outdated fashion or cling to things that just don’t have the staying power a strong identity needs. The same thing is true with brand identity. Determining when and how to refresh brand identity

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Olivia Poggenpohl

The Top 5 Things I Learned While Talking to Growers

 AKA – My summer vacation to western Nebraska I’ll start with a question. What word do you use to refer to those people who diligently toil to produce grain, fruits, vegetables, and feed that ultimately ends up on tables across the country and the world? Grower? Farmer? Producer? I’ll get to the answer later. Now

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Bridget Nielsen

Play-Doh as creative metaphor

What’s soft, squishy, and cleans the soot from vinyl wallpaper? Here’s a hint: Ask any preschooler. The world-famous Play-Doh was never meant for kids. All it took was one creative person to re-imagine and redefine the wallpaper cleaner for a new use and a new audience. Since 1955, the brightly colored modeling compound has generated

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